Trendy winters

New Year started with the extreme chill in the air announcing extreme winters and people from north India would know what I am talking about. India is a country of varied weather spanning from extremely cold to hot depending on the geographical location of the city and gearing up for winters based on the climate of your city becomes really important. To make sure that you enjoy this winter with the latest trends, here are some dressing tips for two different cities: Delhi and Mumbai.

Starting with capital witch experiences harsh cold, this is wonderful for people who like covering up in winters and like to put on a lot of layers and accessorizing. From leather jackets to long tweed blazers, from sweaters to boots, you can put find them all in Delhi.

Leather Bomber Jacket

A nice bomber jacket is trendy way to stay warm and if that jacket happens to in leather then my friend, you have struck Gold. Opt for a black if you like blending in and if you want to stand out then go for the more stylish tan leather or cherry for the lovely ladies. Match it up with a nice pair of denims and long boots to warm your feet. Also, accessorize with skull caps, mufflers and gloves.

Moving on to the city that house celebrities, Mumbai! Mumbai does not really have winter. The days stay to be hot though it gets a little chilly in the night.

In a tropical city like Mumbai, a cardigan is good option to with for people who want to get the feel of winters. Try and layer it up with a nice cotton shirt. So, you don’t end up sweating all over, because of city’s humid weather. A pair of bright red jeggings will complete the look. If you prefer being casual then put on that favorite full sleeved Henley with toped up with a sweatshirt.

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No Matter what city you live in. enjoy winters and stay warm while looking trendy.

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