Rediff launches Realtime News app for Windows 8

Rediff launches Realtime News app for Windows 8 India Limited has declared the launch of its Realtime News App for Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8.AEPZH5TBS73F

Realtime News App displays news on touch screen devices and laptops. According to the official statements users will get news from 30,000 national and international publications. The hottest news will be visible in a tiled format and segregated in 6 different categories Top news, World News, Entertainment, Business, Cricket and Sports. On choosing a category you will be led to the top stories of the selected category. The top stories comprises of the entire available news article.

Using the Windows 8 Share Charm, readers can share article with their friends and colleagues without closing the application in use.

The Realtime News app has made a remarkable place in the list of Windows 8 apps which is under development by Indian app developers. In the beginning of the month, Geojit BNP Paribas had launched an app called Flip Me. Flip Me was the first mobile trading solution that permits the clients to place orders both on the Bombay stock exchange and National Stock Exchange.

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