Newspaper and Billboards drive significant traffic to the Internet: Survey

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte , newspaper ads and billboards still drive significant traffic to the Internet.

Magazines are still vastly read, despite access to similar content online.

Four segments were analysed :

  1. Millenials (Trailing Millennials – 14-22 years & Leading Millennials – 23-28 years)
  2. Generation X – 29-45 years
  3. Boomers – 46-64 years
  4. Matures – 65-75 years

“The majority of consumers anticipate that the role of the Internet will continue to play an increasing role in movie/ television content viewing.  Consumers perceive using the Internet as their most favorite media source, along with Television” stated the survey.

According to the survey, 72% of the consumers use search engines daily. In 2009 this number was at a mere 17%, showing a phenomenal jump. Emailing is at 60% and Instant messaging is at 58%. Millenials prefer sharing via social networks compared to email, which is the major form of communication for the rest of the segments.

76% of the respondents used a Desktop/Laptop/Netbook & 34% used a mobile or a smartphone to purchase something. This is good news for E-commerce firms and enablers that offer coupons and discounts.

Download the survey details here for more:  The State of the Media Democracy Survey – India

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