Online Players Rope in Brand Ambassadors to Click with Youth

Brand Ambassadors promoting e-commerce sites, are acting as a catalyst to attract youth. As many as five e-commerce sites –Yatra, FashionandYou, Myntra, Yepme and Shersingh – have roped in celebrities from Bollywood and the sports world to endorse their brands.

Apart from endorsing the brand, the brand ambassador also echo what it stands for. FashionandYou had signed Nargis Fakri – of Rockstar fame – to endorse the brand earlier in October.

The well known celebrity Salman Khan has been seen on television commercials of online travel Similarly, the chirpy actress Kalki Koechlin is endorsing a particular set of collections on Myntra over the last one month.

Fashionandyou, of late is also planning to have a sales event where it will display a range of apparels endorsed by Nargis Fakri. Plans are afoot to initiate interaction with subscribers through social media, while television commercials will be aired in the long run.

The official of Myntra said that the brand on being endorsed by Kalki Koechlin is on the path of reaching the pinnacle of success. The company has an online fashion magazine which for the last one month has been featuring the actress and her endorsed apparels.

Shopping festival: More than 2,500 trading houses register

Grand Kerala Shopping Festival (GKSF) was efficiently promoted this year with the beginning of online registration. More than 2,500 traders/merchants got themselves registered on October 31, more importantly half of the participants registered online , as said by GKSF state co-coordinator, V Vijayan.

“Through the payment entry a merchant is enabled to register his establishment and also order coupons. Previous year, coupons had to be ordered by making payments through DD, cheque or via a GKSF agent which turned out to be a time consuming process. Moreover, retailers registering online can avail a 5% discount,” he said.

The Kingfisher Premium Coimbatore Fashion Week 2012, raised the curtain on style in the city

As the curtain of The Kingfisher Premium Coimbatore Fashion Week 2012 was raised, onlookers were amazed by the creations of the couturier. The general manager of The Residency, Erine Louis, said that the event has reached the zenith of success. More than 350 audiences turned up every day.

On witnessing such a grand success the organizers are planning to hold this on a larger platform. The three-day-long event at the hotel featured the collections of Hari Anand, Shravan Kumar, A.D.Singh, Jules Idi Amin and Riyaz & Reshma Ganji.

Models and celebs flaunted intricately designed saris and gowns with elaborately borders. Kochi based designers; Hari Anand had given the traditional Kara a modern touch by implementing ribbons and Swarovski crystals in the creations designed by him.

Shravan Kumar another designer hailing from Hyderabad showcased his collection named ‘Blanc’. It was a mix of Victorian and Sufi Fashion. The designs managed to stand out in the crowd of other designers.

The fashion show managed to win over the audiences and ended on a high note with the entry of actress Namitha in a gold sari.

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How Jabong is the best for Men’s Clothing – Highly developed clothes

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Mens Clothing

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Online Men's Shirt

Men’s Shirt

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