The 7 Best Jackets of the Season


Where can you find that Carmen Sandiego’s jacket lost? In your closet, if you order a stunning and flattering red peacoat similar to the one Katie goes out in. its long and sleek sure to keep you warm and make you look slimmer and the red color will make look stunning & to stand out in the gloomy winter weather.
katie holmes


With its tie at the waist and shawl neck, Camilla’s below -the-knee number is so Jackie O! Bring out a distinctive 60s vibe by putting one on with killer leather boots or sexy heels.


Kate’s menswear-like camel coat allows you to be comfy and spur of the moment style without giving up on warmth When its way to cold to wear a standard boyfriend blazer outside.


Military jackets! What comes to mind is an army navy surplus store and a price tag of 10 bucks.
Well it does not have to be like that. Hilary’s navy Gerard darnel number boasts of luxury. It fits well and looks sexy and all that happens with the help of tailored silhouette and gold hardware.

Winters are here and sky is gray and gloomy but that does not mean that your jacket also has to be the same. Stand out among all the dark colored coats with one in a beautiful, bright shade – like Taylor’s ladylike Rebecca Taylor button-down in blue.

Whether or not you should have a classic trench in your wardrobe? Well we wont really do the convincing, The actress’s gorgeous piped coat, with its wide lapels and cool detailing, will do all the convincing.

Once you get have the perfect leather jacket, you won’t feel like taking it off until next spring. And we wouldn’t be surprised if Olivia wears this one nonstop since it’s so feminine and flattering.

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Trendy winters

New Year started with the extreme chill in the air announcing extreme winters and people from north India would know what I am talking about. India is a country of varied weather spanning from extremely cold to hot depending on the geographical location of the city and gearing up for winters based on the climate of your city becomes really important. To make sure that you enjoy this winter with the latest trends, here are some dressing tips for two different cities: Delhi and Mumbai.

Starting with capital witch experiences harsh cold, this is wonderful for people who like covering up in winters and like to put on a lot of layers and accessorizing. From leather jackets to long tweed blazers, from sweaters to boots, you can put find them all in Delhi.

Leather Bomber Jacket

A nice bomber jacket is trendy way to stay warm and if that jacket happens to in leather then my friend, you have struck Gold. Opt for a black if you like blending in and if you want to stand out then go for the more stylish tan leather or cherry for the lovely ladies. Match it up with a nice pair of denims and long boots to warm your feet. Also, accessorize with skull caps, mufflers and gloves.

Moving on to the city that house celebrities, Mumbai! Mumbai does not really have winter. The days stay to be hot though it gets a little chilly in the night.

In a tropical city like Mumbai, a cardigan is good option to with for people who want to get the feel of winters. Try and layer it up with a nice cotton shirt. So, you don’t end up sweating all over, because of city’s humid weather. A pair of bright red jeggings will complete the look. If you prefer being casual then put on that favorite full sleeved Henley with toped up with a sweatshirt.

henlely tshirt

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No Matter what city you live in. enjoy winters and stay warm while looking trendy.

Why You Should Steal Jessica Alba’s Style for New Year’s Eve

Jessica AlbaHave a special night planned for New Year’s Eve, but a small buget to play with? Well , We are here to help. Let me rephrase, Jessica Alba is. Here are some reasons to go with look that she had for to Spike TV’s Video Game Awards for, New Year’s Eve.


1)     The dress is flattering no matter how many snacks you pack in before the clock hits 12. And if you happen to spill some champagne or Mojito cocktail on yourself by any chance then it won’t show any stains. The leather accents on Alba’s Narciso Rodriguez design keep the dress feeling fresh and unique despite the dress being black and having a simple silhouette.

2)     Her strappy shoes go well with or without tights, so a last-minute decision that, if you want to go bare-legged or a bit more covered up is easy to take. Also you’ll get more value for your money as they can be worn throughout the year.

3)     Alba’s red lips will have guys lined up to kiss you at the stroke of midnight. It’s a vivid shade enough to attract men, but not so dark that it looks vampy and an overkill.


All in all, a super look to go with that to on a budget.

Men’s Classic Casuals

We love the fit & feel of our casuals, but sometimes they don’t look as per our imagination. Well it does not have to be like that. Men can do well with a small wardrobe, you just need to know the basics, and my own rule is to never mess with “BASICS”. So will start with the thing we love the most our denims. Well a plain black and a blue jean is a must have though there colorful alternatives like red and yellow out there but I guess we should leave that for women to wear.
Crew Neck TShirts

A classic blue jean a plain white shirt along with a blazer can get through your day at the office on a Friday. Take out the blazer out of the combo and throw in a leather jacket and you’ll be looking sharp for drink at the pub.

From denims, to our next favorite, casual tees! Sometimes we all get confused about what kind of t-shirt will be right for a particular occasion. The answer is right here plain black, blue or white crew necks look simple yet make a statement. Match it up with either a jacket or blazer of your choice (depending weather you are out for a drink or a day in office) to create the perfect look. Given the cold weather you can also try combing a cool muffler or a skull cap. To end it all a pair of nice leather boots black or brown will do wonders along with keeping your feet warm.

Mahindra is Giving Online Retail a Serious Thought

Mahindra is reportedly giving online retail a serious thought. After companies like Mom & Me and Beanstalkshop, now MahindraFirst Choice Wheels Ltd.(MFCWL) is also planning to launch an online marketplace for used cars in January next year, reported Business Standard. Board member Rajeev Dubey said, “The Virtual marketplace for used cars is likely to be operational by January next year.

Initially, it would be a D2D affair in which registered dealer with First Choice will participate. Later on, we will extend it to end consumers. We will work on the ‘clicks and mortar’ model, and have plans to become India’s largest virtual platform for used cars.” Rajeev Dubey also added, “This would enable us to sell our products on the web and the existing locations will facilitate physical transaction of vehicles.

With these initiatives we aim to organize this highly unorganized used-car segment”. MFCWL sold 34,000 units last year and is aiming at selling 46,000 cars by the end of this fiscal, and register a growth of around 35 per cent over the last fiscal. By 2015, it is targeting to sell 1, 00,000 cars across India.

In the early phase, only registered dealers will take part in the sale and purchase of used vehicles, and with time it would be extended to customers. With 214 outlets spread over 115 cities MFCWL is the country’s preferred place for buying used cars. An expansion plan is under way according to which the number of outlets will be bumped up to 500 in the next three years. to Open ‘pop-out’ store in Delhi

Smile Interactive Technologies Group’s backed e-commerce venture Freecultr which offers its own brand of apparels and accessories for men and women, has come up with a concept what they call a first ‘digital pop-out concept store’ in Delhi. The ‘pop-out store’ stands as a hybrid of a kiosk and a full-blown outlet. Unlike a kiosk, a customer can even try out the apparels there in a makeshift trial room.

The company Claims that the store will enable buyers to get the online shopping experience in a physical store environment. Once a buyer tries out the merchandise on display and finds the best fit, he/she can use the ‘order bar’ to order the product/s, which will be delivered anywhere in Delhi within a time frame of 24 hours. They is planning to open the store till early February next year.

The concept store enables the company to also keep a tab on costs of opening a conventional offline store at the same time offering its users something more than a kiosk. Some other online-stores like Juvalia & you have put up such kiosks within the malls to enable consumers to get a touch and feel of the products (although stocks are limited there). Customers can order at the kiosks but have to pay through COD (cash on delivery) or they may select the products and order online separately.

Times Internet Relaunches iTimes Social Network, a social network by Times Internet, was relaunched moving into a direction of a more interest based network which enables users to create interests or follow interests of their choice, centered around different content. The company mentioned that the network’s cynosure is building communities around topics of discussion, and on driving content along with empowering users to discover them.

The network features over 5,000 interests, at the time of its launch. It also comes with a live leader board that makes users as Interest Masters and Superkings, determining active contributions in the form of discussions, photos, videos, blogs and polls.

How It Works

People can register via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google and Yahoo accounts, and share content with their friends on these networks. It also brings in interests from other networks to offer suggestions. Users can create new interest and update related content and at the same time it enables users to follow interests and post content on interests owned by other users, and even displace them to own that particular topic.

Indiatimes Shopping at a New Destination to Compare Prices, a price comparison site was launched around seven months ago by Sushil Choudhari, a former member of the founding team of the social music streaming site Dhingana. Choudhari started talking about the project formally only now. Mohit Khandelwal, former software design engineer for Microsoft partnered with Choudhari, to launch this new entrant in the price comparison space.Khandelwal was a part of the technical team at, a US-based shopping search engine before becoming partners with Choudhari to set up ShoppingWish.

The startup was launched in June this year and Khandelwal insists that in spite of a lot of players in this sector, the unique focus on design and inventory has paid off. “Within six months of launching the site, we have the most comprehensive price, availability and coupons database aggregated from 150-plus online retailers across electronics, computers, home & kitchen appliances, personal care, books categories,” he said.

Ecommerce Round Up 2012

2012 has been the year of e-shopping, with an aggressive move of new merchants across categories such as furniture, office supply, pet care, organic foods, cosmetics and more. An estimated $700 million of venture capital was raised by Fifty two companies. With all the money flowing into the market, being a good e-commerce company is proving to be hard. However, it’s proving to be the best time for buyers. With a constant need to raise funds, Questions are being raised about their path to profitability and the money spent on acquiring customers.

In the present day market customer has a large variety of options to choose from, thus proving to have very low brand loyalty towards a particular e-merchant. The online retail business is seeing an upward trend despite of the concerns regarding FDI norms violations in many cases. A lot of investors share the view that e-commerce companies need to be given at least a 6-7 year window to reach profitability.

E-commerce acquisitions are probably the biggest trend of the year, some say it started with Letsbuy’s purchase by Flipkart, the biggest acquisition of the year and Fashion and You acquiring UrbanTouch and SnapDeal snapping up eSportsbuy followed. Since then the trend has caught on.

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Jet Airways to repay Rs 3,280 crore debt by 2013 March

Jet Airways owned by Naresh Goyal will release $600 million (Rs 3,280 crores) of its debt by March 2013.

The CFO Ravi Shankar of Jet Airways confirmed that the company is steadily paying their debt, by the end of March they claim to reduce their debt to something around $1.96 billion. With these changes yet to be implemented, the present balance sheet of Jet shows a total debt of Rs.12,000 crore during the beginning of June this year.

According to Shankar, the sale and lease will add to the profit of the company, so that Jet Airways can accomplish the task it has aimed. Since there has been an increment in Business class load factor, the company is looking forward to reconfigure the 162-seater airliner to add further business class seats.

Jet Airways is deciding to lease out some of the A330s aircrafts which has been grounded for a period 12-18 months. The officials expect to incur a rental of $1 million per aircraft/month.

The company is exploring the option to further let out 5 Boeing 777s. These Boeings are currently leased to Thai Airways and the contract is on the verge of expiry.

Jet Airways has raised a hefty amount of $42 million by venturing into outright sales and lease in the previous quarter. This has enabled the company to diminish the debt to certain level.