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Saverr brings to you : The Latest (May, 2015) Flipkart Coupons, Coupons Codes, Discounts, Promo Codes and Deals.

Did you order a flip lately?

You think of online shopping, you think of Flipkart. Flipkart is amongst the leading online shopping websites in India. Flipkart initiated its business as an online portal for buying online books. The portal was a big amongst users when they decided to expand the same into diverse categories like apparel, Flipkart, lifestyle products, watches, baby care products, laptops, cameras, televisions, movies, music, health and beauty, footwear, refrigerators, air-conditioners, washing machines etc.

Delivering all the products right in time is the major advantage of Flipkart. Flipkart order tracking also helps you to get you the detailed location of your order. Flipkart has also added some features like coupons, discounts and offers to make online shopping even more fun. You can also avail Flipkart coupons from Saverr.

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You can now avail latest Flipkart offers on a huge range of products like electronics, apparels, books, shoes, kitchen appliances etc, this saves your time of searching and comparing prices with the local vendors. Saverr offers latest and best online Flipkart coupons to make your purchase more pocket-friendly. All the coupon codes at Saverr are both valid and latest in terms of the Flipkart offers available anywhere over the internet.


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Saverr not only provides you with some deals but also gets the best discounts from all over the internet. Select your products and a minimum purchase can get you an offer or a special gift for free. Be updated with Saverr to get the latest coupons for your purchase from flipkart.

Flipkart Ads

Flipkart ads are both viral and rich in content. The online shopping portal started off with funny children ads which were futuristic and majorly educated people on online shopping. Online shopping was not very prominent in India, but with illustrative Flipkart ads now people have started investing in the e-commerce business. With the use of tagline like “No Kidding, no worries”, it makes it sound as if shopping online is such an easy exercise and even kids can do it. All you need to do is select your products, apply coupons avail maximum discounts and pay. The delivery of products at Flipkart is the best in the industry.

Shop with ease

Flipkart offers you a variety of products under diverse categories like accessories, footwear, wathces, mobile phones, books etc. The portal is easy to use and the user- interface of the same is so handy that even a child can use the same. If you want to buy anything from Flipkart it is an easy task and the discount codes make the deal even more lucrative.

Shop till you Drop

Flipkart mobile application is one of the best amongst the competitors. The application is available on Android, iOS and even Blackberry. So now you can shop while you are travelling back from work. The mobile application has an entire different set off offers and discounts from the online portal. All you need to do is simply select your items add it in your cart, avail additional discounts and pay. You can also track your order via the mobile application.